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Online courses that offer real skills, no fluff

Comprised of a team of industry experts and stalwart academics with decades of experience in their respective disciplines, Elewayte is the only EdTech platform of its kind to offer innovative and cleverly designed, outcome-based online courses and internships that it does.

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Elewayte Internship Training

Elewayte intends to educate, guide, and navigate students (The Future Generation) on the right path by providing easily adaptable and knowledge enlightening internship training in the most happening technologies and programming languages.

Elewayte Certified Training

Elewayte provides customized online training that helps the adapters to get complete knowledge on the specific course they choose and become an expert in it. Here we have framed the course curriculum according to updated industrial demands.

Elewayte certified students

What sets our online learning programs apart?

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Crisp, To-the-point & engaging

Course Skills

Referred to as the “ADD generation” for a reason, modern humans (especially younger generations) have been proven to be experiencing increasingly declining attention spans.

Every one of the courses we offer is designed with the inessentials cut out. With shorter learning modules as well as integrated audio-visual tutorials and practical sessions, our students don't have to combat boredom to accomplish their career goals.

Self-paced, Goal-based programs

Course Goal

At Elewayte, we value independent thought and individualism. Our instructors, tutors, and course designers recognize that every student has his/her learning capacity and temperament.

This is precisely why, we offer open-ended courses that are adaptive and flexible to suit the learning preferences of individuals and not broadly defined demographics, age groups, or arbitrary academic hierarchies.

Skill development with real-world emphasis

Course Notebook

Candidates with hands-on experience remain the most in demand and enjoy higher employability than their less-experienced contemporaries. Traditional degrees lag far behind online educational programs in this regard.

Through the use of innovative learning mechanisms such as Activity Streams, Real-World Assignments, Collaborative Projects & Interactive Forums, students at Elewayte effortlessly acquire the vital practical exposure they need to gain the edge over their competition.

Assessments for Advancement & not Achievement

Course Development

Conventional education programs follow assessment methodologies that are entirely aimed at verifying the level of knowledge acquired by students.

To promote our philosophy of ‘Learning without the Fluff’, our assessment approach is centered around evaluating the competency of our students in applying their skills (acquired through our courses) to solve problems and overcome challenges they are likely to face in real-world scenarios.

Learn your interest from scratch

The primary intention of Elewayte's online certification program is to provide proper awareness to the enrolled aspirants about their area of interest and make them industry-ready by deploying them in deep-rooted learning.

Courses We Offer

Preparing students for what's in store for them - industry 4.0

Our course runners at Elewayte are here to see their students through to the finish line. We don’t believe that learning ends with the completion of a course. Ensuring that students are job-ready is their top priority.

By inculcating in them the critical awareness and discernment they needed to survive in the digital age and the imminent fourth industrial revolution, they succeed in not only getting our students placed in high-profile organizations globally but also in guaranteeing them long-lasting and prolific careers.

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Elewayte creates a splendid space to equip your skills & become an industry fit. We are the right choice for students in helping them to gain practical knowledge of trending technologies.

Real-time projects are the most fruitful ones I would say, and it happened because of the mentors here. These trainers are real game-changers, and it is the best opportunity for any aspiring student who wishes to achieve big.