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Students, graduates, & job aspirants

Are you looking to be ‘ever ready’ for the job market in the technology area that interests you?

Then you should just Elewayte your Skillset, Job - readiness and Employability in real-world projects!

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What’s Elewayte?

Elewayte is an online training program (platform) that offers courses for students, graduates, and early job aspirants to equip themselves with real skills, not fluff.

Designed by a team comprised of extensively experienced industry experts and stalwart academics, Elewayte is a one-of-its-kind EdTech platform that offers innovative and outcome-based online courses and internships.

Internship Students

Why should you Elewayte?

The Elewayte platform

  • Eliminates the practicum deficit that is inherent in general learning/educational degrees;
  • Equips you with a skills-set that is aligned with the constantly evolving and high paying tech. jobs market;
  • Provides internships for hands-on experience and skill orientation to make you ‘Industry 4.0’ ready;
  • Offers placement advantage backed by its group technology companies, CubesTech and Realtek.

Courses We Offer

The Elewayte Edge!

Elewayte’s fundamental concept of training/coaching is entirely different from the typical technology training institutes/companies that offer nothing but mere knowledge acquisition endeavours.

In fact, them and Elewayte are poles apart.

Course skills Course Goal Course Notebook Course Development


Elewayte courses are based on ‘Conceptual Learning’

Course Skills
  • Trainees get equipped with skills to complement and apply their knowledge in real-world tech scenarios.
  • To practice the skills acquired, they are inducted into real client projects (of Realtek & Cubestech), making them fully job-ready for an ever-competitive technology sphere.


Our career-friendly courses give the required impetus to a candidate’s selection for jobs.

Course Goal
  • Elewayte’s group technology companies develop products using the technology of each course. The SaaS products built in line with the course subjects allow students to get hands-on experience.
  • Unlike other training institutes that use dummy/same project always, Elewayte graduates/interns are given practical exercise projects. For example, they get an actual exercise on Python in a current product such as HRMS, SCM, ATS, CRM, etc.
  • They get to work with our group companies’ product development teams on some product modules (practical sessions).

*Realtek & Cubestech are group companies with almost a decade-and-a-half of technology solutions and service delivery experience.


Placements for successful candidates – Sure-fire!

Course Notebook
  • Candidates successfully completing a selected Elewayte course are assessed for internal requirements at Cubestech & Realtek (basis the current requirements for that skill/technology on client projects) and placed accordingly as interns.
  • Additionally, the Elewayte team helps place the trained candidates utilising the decade long business alliance of the group companies that are partners for several global clients in India, UK / Europe, USA, and Australia.
  • Profiles of successful candidates are submitted across our tech partners ecosystem for job interviews.
  • Employ our proprietary Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to track, review, and course-correct (where required) all the job applications of Elewayte graduates/interns.


Offers visa sponsorships

Course Development
  • Qualified candidates get visa sponsorship (such as H1b and Tier-2 general visa) through the parent companies.

The Elewayte Courses:

How did the idea of devising the Elewayte courses germinate? The Elewayte technology training platform is the result of a culmination of various factors.

The significant factors were:

Observed the profound apprehension of students/trainees and parents/guardians alike about the authenticity of the training options prevailing in the market.

CubesTech and Realtek’s first-hand, decade-long experience (and the disappointment) of hiring and having to work with resources who were just qualified but not skilled enough to be employed on real work productively.

The inability of the current providers (both staffing and training companies) to identify, acknowledge, and address the fact that employers/companies are not looking to recruit resources but it’s a talent acquisition endeavour.

The purposelessness of the rote-learning kind of courses that lay emphasis on neither practice nor skill-upgradation.

The inadequacy of the prevalent courses in terms of not providing any avenues for practical exercises of the subjects (technologies) learnt – thus rendering the learning almost futile.

About a half of the Indian graduates are left unemployed every year owing to a lack of relevant skills. (A survey shows that the employability rate of Indian graduates in 2020 was only ~46%).

The imperatives of the employment market in the technology industry that is rapidly drifting towards a skill-based economy.

A lack of post-training support and genuine placement assistance.

Learning Via Elewayte online course

And thus, Elewayte!

Elewayte’s SMEs and course strategists put all these critical factors into perspective to design a course curriculum addressing the primary pain points as in

  • Practicum Deficit
  • No or irrelevant upskilling options
  • Uncertainty regarding placement
  • Zero on No Market Focus.

Elewayte offers courses tailor-made for Industry 4.0.

A very simple yet flexible curriculum complements our courses to suit the needs of all students/trainees.

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Elewayte presents you with a glorious opportunity to become industry-fit by upskilling yourselves. This unique training platform is the right choice for students helping them gain skills and practical knowledge on the most happening technologies today.

At the crux of it all is the ‘Practice on Real-time Projects’ aspect of it. The focus on practical training is the brainchild of our experts who doble-up as mentors for the trainees. Elewayte’s real game-changers are its trainers who present the best opportunity for any aspiring student/job seeker who wishes to achieve big.